"Who knows who else has access to your valuable autoresponder mailing list?"

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The mass email software tool that replaces autoresponders

A mass email software tool that keeps your mailing list PRIVATE!
The functionality of a third-party autoresponder WITHOUT the monthly fee!

Ever wondered who else might be able to see your mailing list while it's in the hands of an on-line autoresponder service?
........................ THINK ABOUT IT... LEADS ARE VALUABLE!

Are you paying $10 every month to an on-line auto-responder service to manage your email list database?
........................ KEEP THAT MONTHLY FEE IN YOUR POCKET!



If you could get hold of software which could take your valuable email list out of the control of a faceless company, would you be interested?

If your own web site could do all that a third-party autoresponder can do, wouldn't that be preferable?

If you could reduce your monthly autoresponder bill to zero, wouldn't that make you happier?

"The money is in the list!"

How many times have we heard that? Surely, everybody knows it by now!

Your mail list is precious; possibly the most valuable asset of your business. All the time it's sitting in a database on an autoresponder server, it's at risk of being compromised...

... AND you're paying $10, $20 or more every month for the autoresponder service.

So, how would you like to keep your precious mailing list on your own web space AND save those $10/$20+ a month, while still being able to send your messages in the same way as you do with an autoresponder service?


The Abacus AutoEmailer is simple software that sends your predefined sequence of messages automatically, at intervals you specify, to e-mail addresses as visitors add themselves to your mailing list. Your customer list grows automatically, as do your sales!

You can also mass-email any list or lists from one or more web sites in a single broadcast!

Although the Abacus AutoEmailer is a stand-alone software program, it has been designed to integrate perfectly with the Abacus Web Sites Creator, which creates search engine-friendly web sites by means of a WYSIWYG editor. This enables people who know nothing about programming to create landing pages with forms to capture visitors' details, sales pages, privacy policy, terms of use and contact pages, and save the information about their visitors to a database, ready for the AutoEmailer process.

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Try Abacus pay per click advertising creation services

How Does a Sales Funnel Work? -- A comprehensive, detailed and very well presented hands-on Internet Marketing training course by the renowned Michael Jones

For domain and web hosting, Abacus recommends:
Web site hosting at Site5 -- Cheap, reliable, instant expert support 24/7
                                                 The "multi-site" hosting works better than any other we found.
Domain registration at GoDaddy -- Cheap, knowledgeable, friendly 24/7

For domain and web hosting, Abacus does NOT recommend:
1 & 1 -- Support staff are non-technical, and cannot answer or understand technical queries.
           They just tell you where to go to help yourself, and that's often wrong because they don't understand or even read the question properly. We were so frustrated that we moved our account of 250 domains to GoDaddy.
Fasthosts -- Expensive. Does not provide multi-site hosting for a single charge.
                      Technical support, however, is excellent.

Media Monitoring -- Media monitoring and evaluation services from TNS.

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